Alpacas are fun, friendly, inquisitive and intelligent animals. Each one has their own individual characters and personality.

They are efficient lawn mowers and they won’t poach your land because of their padded type feet. Not only are they fun pets, they produce luxurious fibre for artists and crafters.

Have a look at the alpacas we have for sale…


Why you need some of your own!

Although gentle natured, their naturally protective natures make them good mothers and great protectors to other animals on the farm, even killing foxes to protect lambs and chickens if needed.

You only need a minimum of three alpacas, they can graze with other species and you can have five to six alpacas per acre, or more if you are giving hard feed and hay. They aren’t as expensive as you may think, with ours starting at £300 and they only cost approximately £5 per week to feed.

They are generally hardy and independent and, as long as you stay on top of their regular medication, shear them once a year and provide them with food, water and shelter, they will live a healthy happy life, giving you hours of joy and pleasure as you either watch them behave naturally from a distance or get in closer, interact with them or even take them for a walk.

We had very little farming experience prior to purchasing our alpacas and, after a humble start with two alpacas, we now successfully run a herd of over 50 and encourage anyone who has always fancied some alpacas to give it a go! It is a very rewarding hobby or profession.

About our alpacas

We have everything from pets to show winners, from white to black, from the very aloof to the very friendly and everything in between! We love to watch the herd with their different colours and different personalities and get so much pleasure looking out over the paddock in the evenings, watching the cria chasing each other as night falls.

With championship sashes in every class, rather than specialising in any particular colour, we are excited by diversity and pride ourselves on having a wide variety of colours with an ever wider range of prices.


What we offer

With prices starting at £300 and an alpaca in any colour, quality, age and personality for sale, we have something for everyone. Are you looking for a pet, an alpaca for hand spinning and hobby farming, a show winner? We have all of that here at Urcuchillay.

Show winners or good fleece producers

Our core herd consists of some of the most elite, sought after genetics in the country from New Zealand, Australia and America, with offspring from ILR Alpine Fiber’s Brutus, son of the famous Peruvian Hemingway, as well as the 2005 USA National Black Champion Male, Patagonia’s Maipo and our very own Urcuchillay Smokin’ Ace, Urcuchillay Avalon and Hemiccoyo Matrix II of Urcuchillay, all of whom have produced Champion cria in almost every colour!

We run a very selective breeding programme that is well planned using only the best studs available that focusses on fleeces that have:

  • low micron count,
  • high comfort factor,
  • density and structure, and
  • fineness with excellent crimp, structure and organisation,

on animals that have:

  • correct body and head conformation,
  • as well as excellent fertility and health.

We are happy to export to Europe if required.


Looking for a funky pet?

At Urcuchillay we have some aloof alpacas (generally the show winners) but we also have some very friendly ones for sale.

Our alpacas are well handled, but not over humanised. They are regularly wormed and vaccinated, as well as walked weekly around the farm on halters. Because of this regular handling, most of the herd behave as alpacas should and are therefore easily managed by people who aren’t experienced with them.

Although the majority of our herd are outstanding with the core genetics we talk about, not all of our alpacas are elite and therefore we do have an alpaca in every colour for every budget.

Whilst we pride ourselves on our breeding programme, there are plenty of castrated males that didn’t meet our high standards that will make excellent pets, guard animals or fibre producing animals.

We also have a few females that, for various reasons we have declared them non-breeders which will make them great pets, fibre producers or even guard animals.


There are various options if you are looking to purchase. We can offer what is known as a 3 in 1 package, whereby you can purchase:

  • A female alpaca with cria at foot (meaning accompanied by an unweaned cria) and pregnant again;
  • A pregnant female with a castrated male as a companion which is a good option for new breeders.

Make an appointment

All of our alpacas are registered with the British Alpaca Society, are microchipped, up to date with vaccinations and medication, halter trained and can be TB tested on request (for an extra charge). We are able to deliver if necessary, with a small additional charge for mileage.

So it’s worth coming down and checking them all out! Due to the nature of the work we do with the animals and the care farm, we just ask that you do this strictly by appointment only.