Come meet our Alpacas and Donkeys

Due to popular demand ........ our Alpaca Experiences are back!

The Adventure Ahead

The experience involves tea or coffee either on arrival if wish, e.g. if you have travelled far, or if we are waiting for some rain to pass, a brief safety talk, signing the form that you have had the safety talk, toilet stops, locking up valuables etc ……… then the fun begins!

You will then get the chance to hand feed the walking group and learn a bit about behaviour – their likes and dislikes etc. Once you have familiarised yourself with the gang you can choose your alpaca from our walking group, who will be eagerly awaiting the outing. We are fully licensed and animal welfare is paramount, therefore we only walk alpacas that cope with being out of their paddock and we will take an extra one or two if needed to avoid leaving one by itself.

You will then walk the perimeter of the 20 acre farm with your alpaca(s), seeing wildlife along the way such as deer, dragonflies, butterflies, birds, bees and much more. Feel free to “steal” as many berries as you want along the way – even bring a container to collect some so you can bake a pie later on (seasonal only). We do not leave the farm for biosecurity reasons and for animal welfare as they get stressed leaving their home and also in case one of the handlers on the day lets go of the rope which does happen.

You will get to go up close and personal with the herd as you walk past each paddock as they are always keen to come over and say hi.

Along the way you are most likely to encounter the Angora goats who are always keen for a scratch and a snack and you can see their fibre later dyed and knitted, or it is available to purchase for those keen knitters.

You are almost definitely going to hear and then see our beautiful, rare, super special Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys who are always trying to steal the show. If breeding is occurring in the form of matings or birthing there are two youngsters who are keen for a brush and just about any type of attention.

The lovely Jolene who is from Nashville Tennessee ….


and the gorgeous Tutti Frutti from England ….


After the walk you can return to the shop and sign the visitors book and  purchase any farm and alpaca related items if you wish – however there is no pressure to purchase.

There are sashes, ribbons and rosettes all won by our herd that you can see and we can show you a champion fleece and what we do with that fleece to turn it into a product, followed by examples of what can be made with the off-cuts.

The order of the experience may change due to the weather, the needs of the customers or the animals on the day.

What are the prices?

So, absolutely all proceeds of these walks go directly to the welfare and upkeep of our animals, many of whom have been rescued from various desperate situations. Every penny from the experiences goes towards improving their facilities with our main project at the moment replacing our barn that got destroyed in a storm. Please help support our cause and be guaranteed a fun experience at the same time!

Up to 4 walking an alpaca and up to 2 spectators: £60

Up to 6 walking an alpaca and up to 2 spectators: £90

If you cannot make up the numbers with your own friends or family, let me know if you are happy to merge with another pair or small group.

What days do you do the events?

So, we are now available and taking bookings for Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, with Sundays for special occasions.

We do book very far in advance so please email me confirming numbers, ages of attendees and two or three date options so I can get back to you quickly with some options. I do not need specific ages for anyone over 18! Also please let me know if you have any special requirements. We run our award-winning alpaca business alongside our care farm, Woolly Mammals and are very experienced at working with people of all abilities, physically, mentally and emotionally, so don’t be shy; if you have someone you think would enjoy and benefit from the gentle nature of the alpacas do let us know and we will always do our best to accommodate.

How many people can attend?

A maximum of 6 walking the alpacas with 2 spectator walkers.

Alternatively you can book an event, e.g. a birthday party, a hen party etc and we can accommodate bigger numbers by doing agility with the alpacas instead of a traditional walk.

What age can I walk an alpaca?

Anyone 13 and over can walk an alpaca by themselves. Under 13 must have an adult assisting them who isn’t walking an alpaca. Alternatively under 13s are welcome to attend as a spectator and walk with us and will still get to feed and pat the alpacas and the donkeys.

How do I book?

You can book by clicking here to our online shop or you can email us at to book the date. It is best if when you email me you state how many adults, children, spectators etc there are and give me an option of two or three dates you would like – unless of course it is for a specific celebratory day and I will whatever I can to squeeze you in.

How do I pay?

You can pay here online in full using the various drop down options or by BACS to Urcuchillay Alpacas, Sort Code 20-99-40, Account Number 53778932 or using Paypal to

If not paying in full at the time of booking, a non refundable 10% deposit must be paid at the time of booking.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes we do! If you cannot afford to buy a whole experience we have options for you to put something towards it or for them to spend it in our shop. Click here to purchase a gift voucher or click here to read more about our ethical farm, its ethos and us.

What if I need to rearrange?

We do ask that any cancellations that are not weather related are made at least 72 hours prior to the event or we will reluctantly have to keep 10% of the booking fee as we will have turned others down for your place. If we can fill the space we are happy to rearrange the visit within the 72 hour window with no charge. If you need to change the date outside of the 72 hours cancellation policy there is no charge and we will always try to accommodate either a full refund or a reschedule. Do be aware however that rescheduling can take some sorting and considerable delays – but we will always do our best to assist.

The practical stuff!

We are a working farm working with live animals and we do request patience with them all. Although well handled and friendly, they are naturally nervous and do not like loud noises or sudden movements and they really do not like their heads being touched despite how tempting it may be! You will have plenty of opportunities to stroke them throughout the experience so we do request you do not attempt to touch them on arrival – a bad start makes the experience not as pleasurable for you.

Also as a working farm it can sometimes be “expect the unexpected”. We have had one walk where one of the girls in the maternity paddock decided to give birth in front of the group! Obviously we cannot guarantee that happening again – but because we are a working farm the herd dynamics do change, as do their moods, as many are pregnant and can be a little grumpy during that time. They generally give birth on our farm between April and September and some of the Dams are happy to let you stroke their cria, whereas others are very protective, so whether they come over to the fence line to see us or not is up to them, not us.

We wean around February time and this can be stressful for all involved (including us), so again moods do vary depending on the time of the year.

Equally the males can get quite frustrated as the year goes on and they are very eager to get working again once Spring arrives!


You are welcome to take as many photographs, selfies and videos as you like. All I ask is that if you are uploading them on FB you don’t include any of us bending over!

Clothing and footwear

Please do wear long trousers as bare legs are not suitable for the farm environment and please wear either old shoes or wellies as they may get wet and muddy, especially at this time of year. We do have wellies available to lend in most sizes!


Please do bring a coat and even waterproof trousers! This is Britain and we must expect the unexpected! We will try at all times to go ahead with the experience but if the weather is deemed unsafe we will reschedule and if it is a very bad storm the alpacas are likely to sit and be reluctant to walk. Otherwise we are happy to proceed if it is light rain or patchy rain as there are plenty of shelters around the farm we can stop at.


We do request that dogs are not brought onto the farm. If it is absolutely essential that you bring one please email me and I will try to accommodate. Dogs are natural predators to these animals and although you may trust your dog, our animals won’t.


We take yours and the alpacas safety very seriously and we will ask you to sign that you have been instructed on how to stay safe. You can sign these in advance to speed things up on the day or sign on arrival.

Lastly we really hope this is an experience you will thoroughly enjoy and never forget. We are very approachable and please feel free to ask any questions about the animals or if you have any special requests or requirements we will always try to accommodate.